Audit for transport

We identify and measure all your expenditure items to determine areas for improvement.

We help you find answers to the following questions.

Is my transport contract respected?

What were my transport flows for the year?

How do I do my carbon footprint?

Monthly or retroactive billing audit

We collect 100% of your transport data from your partner carriers. We compare them with your price lists.

We analyse data to identify overcharges and tariff discrepancies for all your transport operations (TO).


A file of tariff differentials by TO.

Flow mapping

We centralise all your transport data over a period of 6 to 18 months.

From this data, we create interactive dashboards, customisable to your needs.


A representation of your flows at a given moment or a barycentric study.

Carbon footprint

We review your transport activity over 1 or 2 years. We determine your environmental impact (CO2 emissions).

We enable you to meet your legal obligations and simplify your annual CSR report.


A detailed report of your carbon footprint.

Customer Review


Why do 30% of your transport invoices contain errors?

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