Fretly, expert in auditing and managing
transport purchases.

Fretly has designed Charly, a platform that allows you to analyse and optimise your transport performance.

Charly digestive platform

Why adopt Fretly?

I don't have a RSI. Data Analyst. visibility on all my billing items. process to collect the Transport data. uniform calculation methods.

So you ask yourself the following questions:

How can I monitor the performance of my carriers?

Fretly expertise

How can I address the lack of resources in my department?

 Don't panic, we have developed two complementary offers to help you
to audit and manage your transport department.


We give you visibility on your past transport flows, through a simple and interactive interface. No more Excel spreadsheets with 12,000 entries and the 20 pivot tables that go with them.

Transport purchasing performance audit


  • Billing audit
  • Flow mapping
  • Carbon footprint
Transport purchasing performance management


  • Grid Comparator
  • Call for tenders
  • Performance measurement


Our Charly platform gives you all the keys you need to manage your transport activity serenely and efficiently. No more chance, you will no longer need to draw cards to make your decisions.


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