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In 3 steps, access your KPIs quickly and simply :

Step 1

Go to our platform and create an account

Step 2

Once logged in, go to the home page and click on "upload a file".

Step 3

Once your data (activity reviews or price grids) digitized, access our numerous dashboards.

Our transport data analysis platform gives you quick access to :

  • The comparison of your transport rate grids
  • The evolution of your transportation expenses and extra costs
  • Your transport plan by region
  • Your delivery frequencies, service rates and guaranteed delivery times
  • The highlighting of the routes to be used according to the CO2 rate, delivery time and service rate
  • Detailed extra cost invoiced and deviations analysis
  • Regular follow-up with our business experts

Detailed indicators by carrier, for a better visibility of your activity!

Your problems solved !

No more non-uniform carrier reports and lack of objectivity, our Performance Measurement module allows you to monitor the commercial terms execution of carriers. It gives you access to key KPIs (€/kg, €/package, €/pal, €/ml, CO2, extra costs, delivery times etc.).

Our Performance Measurement module allows you to detect anomalies in your transport strategy (deviations, service rates, etc.).

Our Price Grids Comparator module allows you to compare your price grids to negotiate with your carriers.

Save time to optimize your transport

Manage your transport strategy by detecting areas for improvement using our various dashboards. Our platform is a real control tower to help you make the right decisions.

Easily upload your data in one click and save time in your analysis. By letting our algorithms work on your data, you can focus on new tasks with higher added value. 

The best plan for your business

Whether it is to compare your price lists or to measure your performance, you can choose the subscription that suits you. Uncertain ? Get the idea by trying out the platform for 30 days (full access) then upgrade your subscription at any time.

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Grids comparator
Grids credit to be digitized
Cost per additional grid
100 € excl. tax
100 € excl. tax
Budget simulator
In progress
In progress
In progress
À la carte
À la carte
À la carte
Transport performance
44 KPIs
66 KPIs
À la carte
Flow characteristics
15 KPIs
22 KPIs
API'S with third-party applications (WMS, TMS, PIM, APS...)
Transport costs
18 KPIs
22 KPIs
Service quality
7 KPIs
12 KPIs
Carbon footprint
3 KPIs
4 KPIs
Invoice control
1 KPIs
4 KPIs
In progress with
Delivery frequency
2 KPIs
Barycentric study
In progress
In progress
Details by carrier
Excel export by carrier
Data benchmarking
In progress
In progress

30 days of free trial

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"All of our carriers are under monitoring thanks to the dashboards that allow us an instant management and a considerable saving of time."
Yannick Morat
Founder - Ekosport
"Our share of transport has gone from 9% to 6% of turnover. FRETLY has also freed up time for departments to deal with other issues."
Linda Cuende
Procurement Officer - AUBRILAM
"Without any assistance on our part, the necessary data was collected and evaluated. Each month, we see what has been overcharged or undercharged."
Cédric Burgé
Supply Chain Director - RIVOLIER

Who is FRETLY?

Philippe Adjadj, founder of FRETLY, has worked for more than 15 years as a procurement manager in the transport and logistics industry.

His ambition was born when he realized how tedious it was for a company that ships freight to check that its carriers respect the commercial terms.

For almost 6 years, FRETLY has therefore developed a SaaS platform allowing companies to analyze their freight transportation flows.

In a simple and quick way, it measures the financial, operational and environmental performance of your carriers.


Yes, you get a 30-day free trial. You are of course free to start at any time once you have registered.

The Freemium, Starter and Medium offers each include the Invoice control, Performance Measurement, Grids Comparator and Indices. However, depending on the offer, not all KPIs are available in full. Our free trial gives you access to the Medium offer for 30 days.

You can upload an unlimited number of files.

Our SaaS platform is 100% online.

Once your data has been digitized (24 hours), you have immediate access to the platform and your numerous dashboards.

No more long, costly deployment times.

The information uploaded on the FRETLY platform confidential. It is used exclusively for internal use. No information is transmitted to an external third party. FRETLY is committed to preserving the integrity and confidentiality of the data contained in its application.