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FRETLY implements digital solutions to respond to all "transport performance" issues for shippers of all sizes.
In order to meet the increasingly specific requirements of each sector of activity, FRETLY has set up a Key Account Management approach forIndustry, Health and Retail. Shippers thus benefit from the commercial and technical expertise shared between peers in a co-development club. If you would like to benefit from all the Transport R&D in your sector or join the co-development club, please contact our experts below.


The industrial market has taken up the strategic challenges related to transport in the face of the health crisis: supply difficulties, rising transport prices (particularly maritime) and CSR regulations.
Therefore, the modelling and standardisation of data in industrial transport will allow us to project ourselves into the future with more precise and relevant KPIs.

Make an appointment with our Key Account Manager Industry: Nicolas VUILLERMOZ.


The business model of retailers requires careful monitoring of parallel costs and expenses.
They have therefore become logisticians seeking to optimise the transport aspect as much as possible, and to take advantage of all productivity gains.
The players in the distribution market have clearly understood the importance of digitalising transport. Indeed, digital has become an integral part of customer satisfaction and must meet the expectations of end consumers. This means a good balance between costs, quality and respect for the environment.

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The ever-growing healthcare market has strong sectoral constraints. Indeed, regulations and transport conditions are constantly evolving and all must comply with them. In addition, the global pandemic has weakened supply chains.

The large volume of data available through information systems must be exploited in order to better manage its logistics.

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